Miracles are statistics. Given enough time, perseverance, smart work and strong principles, dreams do come true. Not because of a special energy of the universe conspiring to make you happy, but simply because of big numbers.

The perfect job. The perfect person. The perfect moment. The perfect opportunity that you just may not be ready to take.

Miracles exist because if there's a 1% chance you'll get what you want, you just need 100 tries for that 1% to be the closest to 100%.

But you may be in the wrong moment of your life to make the most out of it. You have no control over it. You get sad about it. You let go of that ideal version in your mind. You learn to enjoy whatever you can do with that chance.

You learn to be grateful.

There's an undeniable melancholy in you at these moments. A bittersweetness of what could have been. Your imagination fills you with awe of a potential future you won't get to see for now. You learn to like the taste of it. That's what life's made of.

You remember to remain grateful.

Because, as long as you're alive, there will be more chances. Statistically speaking, for as long as you try, you'll get more opportunities, more options, more paths and choices.

In the meantime, you don't wait, you don't hold on and you don't diminish your drive and motivation. You work, you rage, you live. You do your best to be the best of you that you can be.

Miracles are always running late. And sure, waiting will eventually pay off. But why get bored when you can be delighted? Why wait for something else to build your dream when you can build your own?

Rage, and build, and live. That only makes the miracle more worth it.

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